General info about United Kingdom 

Capital of United Kingdom : London

Official language: english 

The currency: pound

Climate: temperate 

Population: 64,511,000 (2014 estimate) 


The United Kingdom Contingent at NRDC-ITA was first established in 2001, and currently consists of  17 personnel ranging in rank from Sgt to Maj Gen.  Our service personnel are drawn from a diverse blend of cap badges, mostly from the British Army, but there are also two posts from the Royal Air Force.  The UK personnel fill positions across the staff divisions and branches of the Headquarters, and have fully contributed to each of NRDC-ITA’s operational deployments.  

The Contingent is well supported by a local National Support Element (NSE) from the European Joint Support Unit at Mons, Belgium.  The NSE is led by a British Army Warrant Officer, supported by an Italian Interpreter and part-time Community Support staff.  The British community lives in and  around the Varese area in rented civilian properties, and thrives on the local economy, with some administrative support provided by the US Forces in Vicenza.   

In addition to participating fully in the HQ’s training, social and sporting events, the UK Contingent also conducts its own representational, personal development and social events throughout the year.  

For more information, please contact the NSE.

United Kingdom Contingent 

c/o National Support Element


British Force Post Office 61

Tel: +39-0331-329300

Fax: +39-0331-675920

Email: oicuknsemilan@hotmail.co.uk