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NSE Milan, HHC, AFSOUTH Battalion

BOX 202

APO AE 09602-9997

DSN: 314-634-6790

COMM: +39 0331329349

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Allied Forces Southern Europe Battalion (AFSOUTH)


US Army Supporting Garrison Element (Vicenza)

This site is designed primarily for U.S. Military and Family members assigned and for incoming personnel to the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy (NRDC-ITA).  It is also meant for those who wish to know more about the United States Army's role and contribution to this vital NATO headquarters.  The US Army, Navy and Air Force staffs multiple positions at NRDC-ITA encompassing all war fighting functions.  The US Army provides the majority of the assigned individuals with representation from all three manning divisions, Operations, Operations Support and Force Sustainment.  

There is a National Support Element (NSE) staff  located here which is comprised of US Army NCOs and a DA Civilian supporting US Military and Family members assigned to NRDC-ITA.  This NSE staff is a forward stationed element of the AFSOUTH Battalion which is located in Naples. The senior ranking American officer is a Colonel assigned as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence.  The rotation time for personnel serving abroad at NRDC-ITA normally three years unless the service members elects to serve 24 months in an unaccompanied status.

The surroundings areas around in the Lombardy and Milan proveniences are beautiful and offers a full range of activities. The area provides lots of possibilities for children and adults. The cultural life is very rich through out Italy.  NRDC-ITA is truly an unique experience while offering the Service and Family members the time to enjoy the Italian experience.  For incoming Service members we look forward to you joining our team and you can look forward to a professionally and personally rewarding assignment with NRDC-ITA.

NRDC-ITA is a land component force under the permanent operational command of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).  Italy is NRDC-ITA's Framework Nation and provides the peacetime HQ working environment, the majority of staff, communications and life-support when deployed and the strategic and operational movement organization.  However, NRDC-ITA at any point in time has representation from 12 NATOs nations assigned to its headquarters.  NRDC-ITA exists to deploy on short notice as directed by SACEUR to undertake combined joint military operations ranging from peace support to high intensity warfare.

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