SALZKAMMERGUT TROPHY Mountain Bike Racing event held in Austria

The “SALZKAMMERGUT TROPHY” Mountain Bike Race is an event with seven different categories and ranges from easy to extremely difficult distances. Strecke A (Course A), is considered to be the most difficult mountain bike course of the seven categories due to the 210 kilometers distance and 7,119 meters of elevation change for the course. At 5 o’clock in the morning at the Goiserer Marktplatz, 4,710 participants from 39 nations gathered together to compete in the seven different categories. Of the total number of participants, only 700 were accepted to challenge in what is considered to be the most difficult mountain bike race in Europe, the Strecke A. NRDC-ITA cycling club had 3 members participating in the Strecke A (the extreme distance): Lieutenant Colonel Alberto DI GIORGIO (supporter member), Major Vincenzo DE MICHELE and Warrant Officer 1st class Rocco CURCIO (full members). During the course of the race, more than 200 participants failed to complete the race due to extreme conditions. Despite the adverse conditions and rain in the afternoon, the three NRDC-ITA members finish the race well in advance of all the participants (total time allowed is 16 hours). Of note, Lieutenant Colonel DI GIORGIO was the fastest and finished with a total time of 13h18’54” ranking 146 overall (being the 6th Italian on the finish line); Major DE MICHELE and Warrant Officer 1st class CURCIO raced together finishing the course in 14h49’47” ranking 322 and 323 overall. This performance by the three NRDC-ITA members is a display of impeccable fitness and mental toughness to achieve great feats. Congratulations and well done to our members!!

Cuveglio: excellent organization for the provincial championship ACSI on April 25th 2017

A cool morning of April 25th about 100 cyclists are welcomed at the star ng area of Cuveglio. They are part of 25 companies coming from all Lombardy and they have already par cipated at the provincial championship ACSI organized by ASD NRDC – ITA Cycling Team with the precious coopera on of Team Peruffo and ASD NEWSCICLISMO.COM.
The competition is considered the only test for the assignment of the tle of provincial champion 2017, it provided a very selec ve race course, about 7 km long to be repeated 8 times in the council of Ciglio and Cuveglio.
Nearby the star ng area, many sponsor set stands that attract people fond of the noble sport on two wheels, coming to support the athletes in the race. In par cular, a great number of relatives and friends have supported the military in the race.
At exactly 08.30, the start of the race reserved to the most skilled Gentlemen and Women. Radio race, has marked out the main points informing the public con nuously on the progress of the cycling caravan. The photo finish has registered the victory to Gianluca Vezzoli of the polispor va Besanese.
For the second race at 10.30, the most aggressive Juniors senior e veterans have been fighting and already at the first lap, the military of the NATO command (1° C.le Magg. SCIMONELLO e il Serg. Magg. CINELLI) made the selections creating the assumptions for the first escapes. At the end of the race, the judge has assigned the victory to Alessio Tosato of the company News We wish to point out that the third winner of the senior category is 1° C.le Magg. SCIMONELLO of RESTAL.
At the end of the race, the Magg. LUCENÒ on behalf of the NATO command, within a sober award ceremony has assigned the tles to the new provincial champions.
Afterwards, rela ves and friends celebrate together with many fans in a friendly atmosphere.

The 14th edition of the "Valle Olona Day" took place On October 30th in Gorla Minore (VA). More than 170 athletes participated in the team time-attack competition, which has become an important fixture in the cycling season for all lovers of cycling.
44 teams, each consisting of a professional female cyclist and three amateurs cyclists, showed up at the starting line to compete in a 12 km circuit among the municipalities of the Olona Valley.
The NRDC-ITA team, composed of Serg. Magg. Gianni CINELLI, Serg. Albino QUARTA e 1° C.Le Magg. Antonio SCIMONELLO, from the Support Regiment, with Miss Ilaria Sangunetti, from Ventimiglia -deputy European champion 2015- was able to achieve an excellent second position, only 14 seconds behind the winning team.

Outstanding performance for NRDC-ITA Cycling Club athlete Christian CARUSO in the 62 Km “Controgiro 2016” race that took place in Momo (NO) on 03 Sep 2016. The event gathers annually hundreds of bikers and Corporal Christian CARUSO scored an impressive 1st place in the Veteran category and a very good 3rd place overall.
Outstanding performance also on the next day, 04 Sep 2016, in the 60 Km “Provincial championship” race that took place in Salussola (BI). The event gathered hundreds of bikers as well and Corporal CARUSO scored a very impressive 1st place overall. 
Well done Christian!!

Athletes of the Cycling Team have racked an excellent 10th place overall with  Antonio SCIMONELLO Corporal.

NRDC-ITA Cycling Team "La tre giorni di Bordighera” competition

NRDC-ITA Cycling Team from 22nd to 24th January, took part to a three days competition hosted in Bordighera (Liguria), the so called “La tre giorni di Bordighera”. NRDC-ITA selected athletes run a road circuit of 70 kms  every day and reached very good results, including Staff Sargent Gianni Cinelli (NRDC-ITA Support Regiment), ranked 2nd in the first race.