NATO’s High Readiness Force Headquarters, NRDC-Italy is taking part in the land-heavy crisis response Small Joint Operation (SJO) exercise, TRIDENT JAGUAR 15 (TRJR 15) at NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger.

During the exercise, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy (NRDC-Italy) will be evaluated as a Joint Task Force (JTF) HQ, able to provide an immediate military response in reaction to the traditional and asymmetrical threats associated with a fictional failing state in northern Europe as part of the SKOLKAN 2.0 training scenario.

Lieutenant General Marchiò, Commander NRDC-Italy said: "TRJR 15 represents the outcome of more than three years of commitment of the 12 contributing nations of NRDC-Italy. This effort will allow our HQ to comply with the NATO Level of Ambition and will test our readiness to deploy worldwide in response of any crisis under the NATO umbrella."

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