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Yesterday Nov. 13th Mrs. Sara Cattan, one of our Army Wives, took part to the National Competition of the Italian Action Shooting Federation that was held in Gornate Olona (VA).

Sara was 4th of her category.

She actually is a Local Police Officer in Castellanza (VA) and is married to WO Giuliotti (Spt. Bde.).

Sara was the first wife that joint the Shooting Club to practice dynamic shooting and we hope that in near future other NRDC-ITA Family members will follow her steps!

Solbiate olona (VA), 7th November 2016. During last two weekends NRDC-ITA Shooting Club members took part in different competition and achieved amazing outcomes.
In the Glock Day, which is the competition for Glock Pistols owners, held in Arcisate (VA) on Nov. 6th , Cpl. Giovanni Pantano was 5th on over than 50 shooters.
In the 18th edition of the “Lt. BEONIO BROCCHIERI” Trophy, held in Milano last Oct. 30th, WO Giovanni Coffaro was 2nd over 40 shooters just behind the former international champion Mr. Bonomi.  Coffaro was 1st and Maj. Ernesto Iacangelo 3rd among active duty military that took part to the competition.All the competitions were an outstanding opportunity to consolidate cooperation and partnership between NATO Hq and local community.

     9th September 2016  
      2 NEW MEMBERS.

Arcisate, Jul. 7 2016
Today, in the Defence 360° Shooting Range, Major Ernesto Iacangelo and Corporal Giovanni Pantano took part to the “Summer Time” International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) ( Sanctioned Match.
Giovanni was 1st in the Stock Service Pistol Division, Sharp Shooter classification and bumped forward in the Expert classification.
Ernesto was 5th in the same category for a very stupid mistake that costs 5 secs penalty… just the difference from the first! There is a very goliardic spirit of competition between Shooting Club members but the motto is “may the best win”.
Over than 120 shooters took part to the event, both from Italy and from Swiss and NRDC-ITA Shooting club achieves another valuable result in terms of integration within the local community through the participation in sport events.
Maj. Iacangelo served also as Chief Safety Officer for the event. Certified Safety Officers are IDPA volunteers whose goal and purpose is to see that all shooters have a safe, secure and enjoyable IDPA match. They are a sort of referee experienced in supervising and directing the shooter through each match Course of Fire. Chief Safety Officer (CSO) acts as the senior Safety Officer on one or more than one Course of Fire and is responsible for running them in accordance with IDPA rules and for supervising the other Safety Officers.

On Sunday 6 Jun., a representative of the NRDC-ITA  Shooting Club took part to the charity event 1st MEMORIAL MASSIMO “MAX” PINI.
The match, managed under the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Rule Book, has been organized in honor of our fallen friend Max died last 30 Dec. due to a cancer at the age of 49.
It has been managed by DEFENSE 360° ASD in the ARCISATE(VA) Shooting range.
Max was an IDPA Expert Classification in various division and excellent Safety Officer. He was used to  serve as volunteer member of the VIGGIU’ (VA) “Protezione Civile” section so, his friends, organized the match in order to collect donations for that organization.
The total amount, 1.035€ has been given to the President of the Protezione Civile Section under the presence of  the Major.
On over than 80 shooter, competing in different division and classifications through 5 Courses of Fire with lot of moving, partialized and non threat targets, OR-4 Giovanni PANTANO was 1st and Division Champion in Compact Carry Pistol Division (barrel length less than 4.10“ and 8 rounds in each magazine) Sharp Shooter Classification with 182.28 sec. total time, OF-3 Ernesto IACANGELO was Division Champion in Back Up Gun Division (barrel length less than 3.60” and 6 rounds in each magazine) Sharp Shooter Classification with 160.98 sec. total time and OR-4 Graziano DI VENUTA was 4th in Stock Service Pistol Division (full size duty pistols) Sharp Shooter Classification with 134.66 sec. total time.
It has been a good opportunity to spend a funny day and honor a very good passed friend with all his family.

Sunday, May 8, NRDC-ITA Shooting Club representative took part to the “2nd International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Club Match” in ARCISATE (VA).

The event has been organized and managed by the Sport Association DEFENSE 360° under the IDPA rulebook.

Shooters competed on 6 different courses of fire where, as usual in the dynamic shooting, the recipe to win is the good balance between speed and precision.

The event has been attended by more than 70 competitors divided in different Classifications and Divisions depending on the various kind and caliber of the pistol they use and their skills.

Members of the NRDC-ITA Shooting Club achieved very good results: OR-4 Graziano DI VENUTA was 2nd and OR-4 Giovanni PANTANO was 3rd in the Stock Service Pistol (SSP) division Sharp Shooter (SS) classification. DI VENUTA was also the HIGH MILITARY among other Army, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza members that took part to the competition.

OR-9 Giovanni COFFARO was 3rd in the SSP division Unclassified (UN) classification.

Also Mrs. Sara CATTAN, one of the our Army Wife, took part to the match.

Today NRDC-ITA Shooting Club achieved another excellent result!

"Yesterday, 3th April, in the CALVISANO (BS) Shooting Range, a representative of the NRDC-ITA Shooting Club took part to the International Defensive Pistol Association sanctioned match “Spring Equinox 2016”. The event, organized and managed by the INTERFORZE MILANO "GUIDO VISCONTI DI MODRONE" Shooting Club, has been attended by over 100 Shooters (also from Germany).
Shooters competed on 9 Courses of Fire where the balance between speed and precision is fundamental.
OR-4  Giovanni PANTANO, member of the NRDC-ITA SHOOTING CLUB, awarded the 3rd place in the Stock Service Pistol - Sharp Shooter category!
It has been a very hard match but NRDC-ITA Shooting Club achieved a good result"


National competitions of International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) will start on April 2nd and therefore it is important to train. In addition to that, the session is an excellent opportunity to practice in a fun and friendly environment.

"Today Dec. 13th in the Vercelli’s Shooting Range, a representative of the NRDC-ITA Shooting Club took part to the charity event “Fai Centro per la Solidarietà”.

All proceeds have been given to the “Iniziativa Due” Association that, since 1975, provides integration of disabled people.

Col. CARTA, as NRDC-ITA high representative, awarded the winners of the different categories that competed on 4 Courses of Fire where the balance between speed and precision is the recipe to reach the best result.

The event has been attended by more than 100 shooters and 3 member of the NRDC-ITA SHOOTING CLUB were in the TOP TEN: W.O. COFFARO 5th , Cpl. PANTANO was 8th and Maj. IACANGELO was 10th.

It has been a good opportunity to spend a funny day and help disadvantaged friends."