18th December - Exercise EAGLE READY'15

During Exercise EAGLE READY'15,  the Operational Liason and Reconnaissance Team (OLRT) of NRDC-ITA, led by B. Gen. Luca FONTANA, deployed to the "NATO JOINT FORCE TRAINING CENTRE" in Bydgoszcz (POLAND) to gather information, conducting meetings with Host Nation actors and performing a Command Post recce in a fictitious operating scenario. While deployed, the Team members liaised and coordinated with the Host Nation (HN) authorities, International Organizations (IO)/Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders in the potential theatre of operations. All training activities were successful, thanks to the availability of two CIS deployable kits that performed very well and fully supported the staff's requirements to communicate in real time with the NRDC-ITA PHQ, through NATO and internet networks.

Eagle (Becomes) Ready at the JFTC