This is my life: Mattia

Hi! I’m Mattia,

I’m serving at NRDC-ITA as an Administrative Clerk.
I am in charge of performing clerical and administrative duties with the purpose of ensuring efficient and effective

administrative procedure within the Morale & Welfare office.

Working in this field requires the ability to collaborate with all the colleagues and to work in team and combine

interpersonal skills with an analytical way of solving problems and issues.

The passion that I put in my job in solving others’ problems hasgiven me the opportunity of helping people also off

duty. For this raison, in my spare time I’m a volunteer of the Green Cross.

I’m a rescuer and I help people who are in danger. Since I’m collaborating with the Green Cross I’ve been trained in most

of the emergency fields in order to be able to face most of the potential troubles I may have to solve.

Follow me and my life….