20th April - NRDC-ITA hosts the veterans of the Italian Contingent (ITALCON) in Lebanon 1982.

The veterans of the Italian Contingent (ITALCON) sent to Lebanon in 1982 as part of the MFL (Multinational Force in Lebanon), have been hosted at Ugo Mara barracks to remember, together with Lt. Gen. Riccardo Marchiò, the deployment of an Italian contingent to Lebanon as a peacekeeping force during the crisis in the Country in 1982. Maj. Gen. (RET) Bruno Tosetti, former Commander of the 2nd Bersaglieri Battalion "Governolo" and Force Commander in Lebanon, presented the book "Summer 1982: Lebanon in flames", where he describes reasons, people and facts of the mission. Among others, Lt. Gen. Marchiò was one of the young officers deployed at that time.