This is my life: Domenico D'Alo'

Hi! I’m Domenico,

I’m an Army Signal Officer, responsible for communication projects. Signal Corps guarantee military links inside and outside Headquarters. We are like your phone company and broadcasting channel for military order, operation and, surveillance in base and abroad.
I’ve been once in Bosnia-Herzegovina and twice in Afghanistan. Literally, I covered the Ring Road, that circle all regions, twice with Afghan Army “Kandaks” (Battalions) on a 12 day trip each.
When my 2 children let me some free time, I love to play with horses, my second family. I ride my 3 horses every time I can, before going to work and after. With them I’ve participated in some contests in Italy and in France. We love to jump and gallop.
Sometimes some disabled children come to see
my three horses, DUCHAMP, GO PACKING GO and CAVELLO Z, at the hippodrome. They love to play with their manes and tails, to curry and to feed them while the horses give them grateful caresses with their muzzles.