This is my life: Aikaterini Angelouda

Hi! I’m Aikaterini,

I’m an Army Armoured Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), currently assigned to NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy and working at the National Support Element of the Greek contingent. In the past, I had been Tank Commander, Tank Platoon Leader and I had been assigned as Staff Officer in various Greek Headquarters.
I graduated in May 2003 at the Hellenic NCO Military Academy and then assigned to a High Readiness Regiment: for the first time, a female NCO have been posted to this kind of unit. Before that moment, female personnel could only be appointed to administrative or technician positions.
I had my specialized training at the Armour School in Avlona (Attica, 30 kilometres north of Athens) where, as Armour NCO, I receive a dedicated training to manoeuvre tanks. It sounds weird, but at that time I didn’t know even how to drive a car!
A part from being an armoured NCO, I’m a wife and a happy mother of three wonderful sons, and in my spare time, not that much to be honest, I love to design and tailor dresses and to realize handcrafted jewels for my family, friends and myself.