Archive 2016 - 02

Archive 2016 - 02

1st February - NRDC-ITA Reserve Officers Induction Training

4th February - NRDC-ITA Commander receives the visit of NRDC-GR Commander.

5th February - Closing day for the Italian Reserve Officers Induction Training

8th February - NRDC-ITA Commander visits USAFRICOM

8th February - The evolution of NATO and future perspectives

11th February - NRDC-ITA Commander Lt. Gen. Marchi˛ receives the Commander of the Italian Army Validation and Simulation Centre MG Maurizio Boni

17th February - NRDC-ITA is hosting His Excellency the Ambassador of Canada

19th February - Tools for Operational Planning Functional Area Service - System Analysis Tool (TOPFAS-SAT) Course

22th February - NRDC-ITA Support Division visit to Engineer Railway Regiment in Castel Maggiore (BO)

25th February - NRDC-ITA honors fallen Soldiers at the War Memorial in San Candido

26th February - NRDC-ITA Exercise and Training