Archive 2016 - 04

Archive 2016 - 04

06th April - Today, in "Ugo Mara" Barracks, NRDC-ITA Influence Division led the "International Influence Conference"

07th April - NRDC-ITA Commander receives the visit of Air Marshal Settimo Caputo, Commander of the First Italian Aerial Region.

12th April - NRDC-ITA Staff fully committed to Exercise Sea Eagle (Land) 2016

15th April - Hungarian National University of Public Service Delegation visits NRDC-ITA

19th April - Lieutenant General Marchio' visits Sea Eagle (Land) 16 Command Post

20th April - NRDC-ITA hosts the veterans of the Italian Contingent (ITALCON) in Lebanon 1982.

21st April - NRDC-ITA remembers the fallen.

22nd April - NRDC-ITA visits Fiocchi, hunting ammunition and cartridges factory in Lecco.

27th April - NRDC-ITA Staff concludes the two-weeks Exercise "Sea Eagle (Land) 2016"

27th April - Netherlands National Day Celebration

29th April - NRDC-ITA is celebrating one year after its validation as Joint Task Force Headquarters