Archive 2016 - 05

Archive 2016 - 05

02nd May - Chief Operations Division Farewell

4th May - 155th Anniversary of the Italian Army

4th May- "Soldier of peace"

8th May - Strengthening relations with the local Community: NRDC-ITA at the "Olona Valley Day"

11th May - NRDC-ITA Hosts SHAPE Joint Logistic Support Group HQ Seminar

16th May 2016 - Bucharest (ROM) "STEADFAST COBALT 2016"

17th May - NRDC-ITA visits Extrema Ratio, high performance combat knives factory

24th May - NRDC-ITA continues its cycle of Seminars and Workshops

24th May - NRDC-ITA Staff celebrates the Hungarian National Day (Magyar Honvedelem Napja)

29th May - 2nd Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) "Experience Dive" Course