NRDC-ITA is an active and leading contributor to NATO Force Structure for the maintenance of peace and security on the international stage. NRDC-ITA has the military capacity needed to undertake crisis-management operations, alone or in cooperation with other HQs and international organizations, according to the determinations of the North Atlantic Council.

During the last two years, NRDC-ITA has been engaged in a fundamental transformation to ensure that it has policies, capabilities, and structures required, to deal with current and future challenges, according to the new NATO’s Level of ambition.
After Exercises Eagle Blade 14 and Eagle Joker 14 that paved the way for the national validation, the forthcoming Trident Jaguar 14 will be the final NATO Certification test for NRDC-ITA to gain the Full Operational Capability as a Joint Task Force HQ in Land Heavy Operations, with Joint C2 capabilities at operational level.




Exercise Trident Jaguar 15 is the last step for the validation of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy as Joint Task Force Headquarters, where its capability of planning and conducting a Small Joint Operation-Land heavy under the direct command of SACEUR will be assessed and then certified. This exercise envisages the intervention in support of a failing state, with high intensity war-fighting and CBRN threats from the early stages. NRDC-ITA will be evaluated together with the Allied RapidReaction Corps in such a high intensity and complex environment, where the military and civilian aspects of an asymmetric conflict will constitute a hard proving ground for both the HQs. Although an exercise with two primary training audiences represents a significant challenge for the training community, this has been proved the most effective way to test two organizations on the same requirements.