According to the implementation of the Comprehensive Approach concept, NRDC-ITA develops seminars to explore and develop various topics during specific phases of training or operations. Together with other activities of NRDC-ITA, these seminars are also a way to establish a connection between the various Divisions within the HQs and the Academic world.


30th May - Extraordinary Plenary Conference at NRDC-ITA
6th July – NRDC-ITA hosts a second LCC Commanders' Conference
19th July - An international seminar for a better cooperation
7th November - Hybrid Warfare Seminar
30th November - 1st STABILITY POLICING SEMINAR in Milan
6th December - eNRF Support Concept Seminar at NRDC-ITA


2nd March - "Support Division Seminar"
3rd March - NRDC -ITA hosts Eagle Eye Seminar
06th April - Today, in "Ugo Mara" Barracks, NRDC-ITA Influence Division led the "International Influence Conference"
11th May - NRDC-ITA Hosts SHAPE Joint Logistic Support Group HQ Seminar
24th May - NRDC-ITA continues its cycle of Seminars and Workshops
18th October - Exercise Specification Conference at NRDC-ITA
25th October - NRDC-ITA at the 1st NATO Stability Policing Conference
4th November - eNRF Support Concept Seminar at NRDC-ITA
9th November - LCC Commanders' Conference at NRDC-ITA


From next 20th to 22nd October in the "Ugo MARA" Barracks, NRDC-ITA Support Division will conduct the "Support Division Seminar 2015"
Past Conference and Seminar