Brilliant Ledger 2017

Brilliant Ledger 2017

BRILLIANT LEDGER 17 represents the final step NRDC-ITA is dealing with, in the preparation for being certified as LCC (Land Component Command) as part of the NRF (NATO Response Force) for a year stand-by period starting from January 2018.
31st March - Combat Readiness Evaluation Course (CREVAL)

5th May - NRDC-Ita trains his augmentees

22nd May - NATO Steadfast Cobalt 2017

Steadfast Cobalt 2017 is over

22nd June – Individual training for personnel recovery and survival

30th June - Interoperability is the key

6th July – NRDC-ITA hosts a second LCC Commanders' Conference

31st August - A step forward to LCC