7th November - Hybrid Warfare Seminar

Ulm (Germany), 8th november 2017. On 6th and 7th November, a team of NRDC-ITA took part at the Multinational Joint HQ (MNJHQ) "Hybrid Warfare Seminar" in Ulm. A prime on its own kind, the Seminar was an interagency and common effort to understand the Hybrid domain, its features and its challenges for NATO Commanders. As a note the Seminar, hosted by the Commander MNJHQ, saw General (ret.) Sir David Capewell, former DCOM NRDC-ITA, as the keynote speaker. Part of the Operational Art & Thinking cycle of MNJHQ, the event included academics, representatives of NRDCs, German Federal Institutions, the ICRC and experts from over 20 countries.