28th November - NRDC-ITA presents the evolution of NATO strategic concepts at Parma University.

Parma, 28th November 2017 - Today, at Parma University, Major General Maurizio Riccò, NRDC-ITA Chief of Staff, held a lesson on the subject “new international threats and the role of NATO”. 
Highly appreciated by the students of the department of law, politics and international studies, this activity is another tangible outcome following the sign of the Memorandum of Cooperation who took place last 5th September.
Major General Maurizio Riccò, provided the students with an overview on the history of the Alliance, on the evolution of NATO strategic concepts up to the introduction of the comprehensive approach. The fundamental of operational planning have been presented as well as the challenges to security member states are facing today, namely hybrid warfare, cyber threats and the instruments to contrast those threats.