Past NRF Exercise

Past NRF Exercise

Cameri, 4 Dec 2009 

NRDC-ITA has just concluded the Exercise “Eagle Blade 2009”, held in Cameri military airbase (Italy) from the 26th November to the 4th December 2009. The aim of the Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) “Eagle Blade 2009” was to train the staff personnel for the operational planning process within a NATO-led operation into a crisis area.

The Exercise is one of the annual training activities to keep NRDC-ITA at a high level of readiness. The Corps, in fact, can be deployed with a maximum of 30 days notice to move to every crisis area in the world. About 1,000 troops took part to the exercise, amongst them 50 from the 14 non Italian NATO contingents that join the NRDC-ITA. The “Eagle Blade 2009” has being prepared for some months, when every participant personnel have been inducted on the operational situation of the exercise. The integration between the NRDC-ITA field structures and the Italian Air Force facilities has been successful, and permitted to focus on the training-operational activities. All the affiliated and depending units to the NRDC-ITA have been involved in the scheme of manoeuvre. During the activities, not only a logistics manoeuvre management has been conducted, but also many aspects related to the interaction with:
The Governmental local authorities;
The International Organisations (such as UN) specialised in the humanitarian emergencies handling;
The local and international Governmental and non-governmental Organisations;
Local and International media;
The civilian elements.

NRDC-ITA efficiently reacted to difficult fighting situations (kinetic operations), where the coordination of the staff has developed an effective and fluid chain of command and control. 
The “Eagle Blade 2009” can be considered the road to the new NRDC-ITA commitment for 2010. The Corps, in fact, will be in charge of the NATO Response Force (NRF), which will be operational in 2011. “The exercise has tested NRDC-ITA capability to successfully react to an unexpected crisis” – General Chiarini declared – “the positive outcomes received both by the visitors and the evaluation team demonstrated that NRDC-ITA is a Corps which NATO can rely on.


Solbiate Olona, 4 June 2007  

The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy (NRDC-IT), based in Milan and Solbiate Olona (Varese), is currently taking part in Exercise “Steadfast Jackpot ‘07”.  This exercise is the final part of its preparation before taking over as the Land Component Command of the NATO Response Force (NRF) during the second half of 2007. “Steadfast Jackpot” is a command-post exercise designed to validate and certify the command and control elements of the forthcoming NRF rotation.  Taking part are all the command elements from not just the Land Component Command, but also the Air and Maritime components, under overall control of the Joint Force Command, Naples. As well as NRDC-IT’s deployment in Solbiate Olona, other elements are also exercising in Persano (Italy) and in locations in Norway, Spain and Turkey. NRDC-IT is led by Italy, but also involves personnel from 14 other Atlantic alliance nations.  It frequently deploys on exercises in Italy and overseas, thereby honing its professional capabilities and the preparedness of its staff.  It is qualified as a “high readiness headquarters” and is ready to deploy anywhere in the world with 30 days’ notice.


Sardinia, 30 Sep-16 Oct 2004

The focus for this year’s Ex DG04 was the demonstration of the initial operational capability of NATO Response Force (NRF), deploying from 30 Sep-16 Oct 04 with the maritime and amphibious forces affiliated to STRIKEFORNATO. Designed to improve NATO’s capability to conduct multinational amphibious and maritime operations, Ex DG 04 was adapted to meet NRF objectives and conducted by JFC Naples. It was the biggest amphibious exercise for NATO this year, and whilst not all participating forces were assigned to the NRF, the exercise served as the venue for demonstrating its readiness for operations. HQ NRDC-IT deployed to Capo Teulada, in the South of the island, to form the Land Component Command Early Entry Command Post (LCC EECP), fulfilling its remit to deploy a command capability for the Corps within 7 days of an operational requirement. The current NATO Response Force, The Italian Taurinense Alpini Brigade, deployed its Early Entry Command Post and commanded a battle group based on the following: 
The Corps has already conducted intense training towards the NRF concept since 2003, taking part in Exercise Northern Light 03 in Northwood and Scotland where the Early Entry Command Post (EECP) deployed within an amphibious task force; and Ex Allied Action 04 in May where the Corps HQ and the NRF Bde deployed North of Rome to rehearse LCC and initial entry operations in a crisis response scenario.
Ex Destined Glory 04 represents a significant achievement for this Headquarters, as a milestone in the realization of the NRF development and NATO’s rapidly deployable capability.

Exercise ALLIED ACTION ’04
Solbiate Olona, Italy. NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy will take part to a two weeks exercise in a training area close to Civitavecchia, north of Rome, together with the Joint Force Command (JFC) based in Naples. It is a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) Command Post Exercise (CPX) designed to certify the JFC and its Component Commands (Air, Land and Navy) to assume responsibility of the NATO Response Force(NRF). Exercise AA04 represents the culmination of the NRF3 implementation process for NRDC-IT and it is part of the Joint force training phase; a period mainly dedicated to improve the joint aspect of NRF, refine procedures and to achieve a better understanding of other components operational views. 
The Corps has already conducted an intense training activity focused on the NRF concept since 2003 taking part in Exercise Northern Light 03 in Northwood and Scotland where the Early Entry Command Post (EECP) was deployed embarked on a Dutch ship and later operated ashore on the west coast of Scotland within an amphibious task force. 
In 2004 NRDC-IT has conducted some minor exercises for refining the EE procedures and a major exercise, Eagle Landing '04, in order to test its procedures for planning, mounting and conducting a joint, combined Crisis Response Operation (CRO) based on the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) and NRF concept.
NRDC-IT will deploy in Civitavecchia training area its Command post as well the Taurinense Alpini Bde , designated as NRF Brigade, and the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Battalion.


Exercise EAGLE LANDING ‘04
Solbiate Olona, Italy

Solbiate Olona, Italy. NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy will conduct a two weeks exercise at the end of March, in a training area in North West of Italy, as part of the preparation for the taking over of the Land Component Command (LCC) role from 1st of July 2004 within the NATO Response Force 3 (NRF3) structure.

The exercise represents a good opportunity to improve the command and control (C2) relationships among the land components headquarters and units; the Taurinense Alpini Bdedesignated as NRF Brigade will deploy its Command Post as well as the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Battalion inaugurated last December 2003.
The Corps will test its procedures for planning, mounting and conducting a joint, combined Crisis Response Operation (CRO) based on the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) and NRF concept; the aim is to exercise NRF roles and responsibilities at tactical levels of command in order to validate NRDC-IT as LCC capable of managing the land NRF package forces.

The exercise will be divided in two phases: the first one developed in a NRF scenario where the NRDC-IT will deploy a tailored Command Post able to conduct Non-combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) and Counter Terrorism, and the second one where the Corps will act as High Readiness Force (HRF) Headquarters within a follow on force deployed after the NRF.

AOCC staff monitoring the situation

xercise Eagle Landing will be attended by delegations coming national and international headquarters from Army, Navy and Air Force that will act as response cells; in particular ACE Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), based in Germany, will play the role of Deployable Joint Task Force Hq, the Combined Air Operations Center 7 based in Larissa (Greece) as Air Component Command (ACC) and COMITMARFOR, based in Taranto (Italy), as Maritime Component Command. Furthermore there will be cells from the 1st IT Mechanized Division based in Vittorio Veneto, an Hungarian Division, an Hungarian CIMIC Coy, a Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU) Battalion and all the Combat Service and Combat Service Support units assigned to NRDC-IT.