Archive 2018

Archive 2018

10 Jan - NRDC-ITA takes over role as LCC for NRF 2018

Farewell to General Castagnetti

22nd January - Disaster and Crisis Manager Course

31st January - Second Lieutenant Ugo MARA memorial

7th February - NIWIC donation to Tincontro and "F. Del Ponte" hospital

15th February - COM and DCOM NRDC-ITA at the Italian Army Mountain Warfare Course

28th February - A deeper interaction with Non-NATO entities

7th March - NRDC-ITA receive a visit from the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College

22nd March - Maj. Gen. RICCÒ at the "Dacian Lancer 2018"

23rd March - General Farina visits NRDC-ITA

25th March - NRDC-ITA at the 47th Stramilano

26th March - NIWIC bring smile within the paediatric wards

30th March - Training for the 3rd "Celere" Bersaglieri Coy

17th April - A MOC for a better understanding of complex systems

19th April - NRDC-ITA receive the visit of Major General Air Force Antonio Conserva, Italian COA Commander.

24th April - NRDC-ITA Main Briefing Room named after Lieutenant General Castagnetti

10th May - Eagle Eye 2018 a seminar on Sahel

13th May - Fencing: The Veteran's European Master's Championships

International Day 2018

24th May - DSACEUR visits HQ NRDC-ITA

1st June - EAGLE GHOST 2018 has begun

13th June - 1st International Target Intelligence seminar

18th June - NRDC-ITA visit to the Panzerlehrbrigade 9

19th June - NIWIC donation to AIAS

19-20th June - Influence Division Seminar

3rd July - NRDC-ITA shares NRF experience with the 1st German Nederland Corps

4th July - NRDC-ITA at the Institute of Maritime Military Studies

12th July - Exercise "Eagle Overland 2018"

12th July - The NRDC-ITA receives a visit from the Commander of the Italian Air Force Operational Forces Command

27th July - NRDC-ITA hosted a long term operational planning course

2nd October - NRDC-ITA hosted the 13th LANDCOM Corps Commanders’ Conference

5th October - Interaction as main topic for Eagle Ghost 2018

NRDC – ITA and University partnership

NRDC – ITA provides mid-term planning course

NRDC-ITA hosts 1st Affiliated Units Conference



NRDC-ITA meets the troop contributing nations Consuls.