Solbiate Olona, 24 March 2015

A ‪‎Charity bike ride‬ was held today in the gym of Ugo Mara Barracks in which the NATIONAL SUPPORT ELEMENT staff and members of the Support Brigade used static exercise bikes to ‘cycle’ from NRDC-ITA to SHAPE  in Belgium (850km)
The President of the “Annibale Tosi Rehabilitation Center“ Bruno Ceccuzzi, visited the event and praised those taking part and those supporting the children’s centre: “I would like to thank Warrant Officer Terry Twining for organising this event and praise all those taking part and donating today. 
The children will benefit greatly from the equipment this will provide for them. Thank you too, to all those that donated to our Charity.”
The event was also attended by the NRDC-ITA Deputy Commander, Major General Sir George Norton, who took the opportunity to support the initiative and encourage those taking part: “The cyclists have worked really hard all day and it is encouraging to see so much support for the event. Staff at NRDC-ITA and the Support Brigade have visited the cyclists at various times of the day to cheer them on and to donate to a very worthy cause”