NRDC-ITA Women’s International Club continue to support the Caritas charity asso - NRDC - ITA



Solbiate Olona, January 22, 2015. This morning, the NRDC-ITA Women’s International Club (NIWIC), presented a donation to the representatives of Caritas, a charity association supporting vulnerable people in the local community.  NIWIC representatives, Mrs Laura Deboli and Mrs Lexie Norton, presented the donation to Mr Enrico Della Valle, and Don Alessandro Marinoni,respectively the representatives of Caritas and the  Parish of St. Anthony Martyr in Solbiate Olona.

Present for the donation were both the Commander of NRDC-ITA, Lt Gen Riccardo Marchiò, and the Deputy Commander, General Sir George Norton.  Gen Marchiò emphasized that the values held by NRDC-ITA support NIWIC and the work of charities represented by the Caritas:  "The men and women in uniform of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy, in collaboration with the Association NIWIC, feel an active part of the community in Solbiate Olona.  We are proud to share the values of solidarity and generosity that promotes the Italian Caritas association”.

The money was raised by NIWIC at the Christmas market last month and the gesture of solidarity and generosity is directed to families in difficulty in the Solbiate Olona community. The donation is in line with the NIWIC aim to bring the local community together and integrate women not only into the multinational community at  NRDC-ITA but also with people in the local community. 

Upon receiving the donation, the representatives of Caritas thanked the NATO Command and NIWIC for their continued support.  Gratitude was expressed for NIWIC’s availability to help those with economic and social problems within the Solbiate Caritas, and for the sensitivity shown towards the families in need. The donation is evidence that charity in the Italian Church community continues to help those people who have been marginalized and to promote social justice and peace.