Jun 07 2016

NRDC-ITA staff involved in new training activities

In these days, staff from the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy is attending an Academic session in preparation of the near exercises Summer Tempest and Eagle Meteor 16.

In these days, staff from the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy is attending an Academic session in preparation of the near exercises Summer Tempest and Eagle Meteor 16.
Academics prior to any Exercise, are designed to educate the HQ Staff and so prepare the military personnel for the upcoming activity, with a particular focus on new procedures, significant details the scenario of the exercise may present or any other issue that may need further discussion or development before and during the exercise.
This time, the challenge for NRDC-ITA is to move forward in the transformation process into Land Component Command while maintaining its readiness to deploy as a Joint Task Force HQ if required.