Oct 30 2015

Roberta Pinotti, Italian Minister of Defence "Santa Barbara" Barraks in Milan

This morning , Brigadier General Luca FONTANA, NRDC-ITA DCOS Support, marked the start of the “Support Division Seminar 2015” with a warm welcome to all the attendees.In its new role of Joint Task Force Command for Small Joint Operations (Land Heavy) NRDC ITA has experienced, in the recent years, NRDC ITA has experienced in the recent years a radical shift in m

Milan, 30 october 2015 - Lt Gen. Riccardo Marchió, together with Lt Gen. Claudio Graziano, Italian Defence Chief of Staff, and Lt Gen. Danilo Errico, Italian Army Chief of staff, met Senator Roberta Pinotti, Italian Minister of Defence, at "Santa Barbara" Barraks in Milan. Senator Pinotti addressed Italian military units involved in national operation "Strade Sicure" in Milan.