Dec 10 2015

Holy Virgin of Loreto day celebrated at NRDC-ITA

4th December is the feast day of Saint Barbara. This year, at NRDC-ITA, this celebration represents a very special event. In fact, for the first time, as well as Artillerymen and Sappers, also Sailors representing the maritime component of the HQ took part to the event.

10th December is the celebration day of the Holy Virgin of Loreto. This year at NRDC-ITA, this day represents a very special event. Together with the Army pilots serving at the HQ there is now the Air Force personnel representing the air component of the Headquarters.
In fact NRDC-ITA recently reached the full operational capability as a Joint command, where international representatives of the Army, Navy and Air Force from 12 different Nations are currently serving together. The link between the Air Force and the “Madonna di Loreto” goes back to the early decades of the twentieth century when Pope Benedict XV, accepting the wishes of the pilots of World War I (1914-1918), proclaimed the Holy Virgin of Loreto Heavenly Patroness of all Airmen the 24th of March 1920.