Commander’s Address

Commander’s Address

Commanders Address

Commander’s Address



“We are all facing an unusual and difficult situation with a large number of countries affected by the same issue at the same time. Transparency has always been among my priorities and my staff and I, now more than ever, are constantly committed to preserve the health and safety of the entire NRDC ITA Community.

We are working in close coordination with the regional and national authorities, as well as the diplomatic and consular services of the troop contributing nations, in order to allow you to always be informed and guided through this demanding period. We are implementing all necessary measures to make sure we avoid the virus to be spread and to finally win this common battle.

Every need deserves to be met and every problem has to be solved. 
If there are any queries you feel are unanswered, please, feel free to ask questions.



The Chain of Command has already been directed to collect all your concerns and to deal with them through a coordinated approach involving our Medical Advisor and his staff, as well. Selected personnel come to work in order to make sure everything is promptly and properly addressed.

NRDC-ITA will stay focused on ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to help you stay safe while being supported in the very best way.  Every need deserves to be met and every problem to be solved. On the other hand, I ask you to stay focused and respect the rules the authorities have been informing you about throughout this demanding period. Together we will, finally, win this battle.

My appeal to those who are not requested to come to work?

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe!”