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Morale and Welfare Activity (MWA)

The MWA program is a quality-of-life program commensurate with generally common accepted values that directly supports NRDC-ITA by providing a variety of community and family support activities and services. Included are commercial, social, fitness, recreational, educational and other activities that enhance community life, promote the mental and physical well-being of staff and their families, and generally aimed to provide a relaxed living environment.

As part of the Morale and Welfare Activity Office, the Family Support Centre is a team that provides routine life support.

This support includes different family support activities and services, such as:

  • providing daily support to the families regarding landlords, utilities etc.;
  • seeking special “Good Deals” from the community and various national delegations that can be used by all families;
  • assistance with applying for Italian documents, seeking private accommodation, dealing with Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) matters and tax free procedures;
  • support in finding a suitable school and contacting insurance companies and banks; local mechanics and contractors; medical personnel to support families with routine medical examinations and care.

Additionally, the FSC assists in advising and proposing on the search for a job for spouse and dependants. The FSC can address on the right local job provider in order to single out the best offers for your employment.

For any support request personnel and families may contact the FSC by e-mail:


Via per Busto Arsizio, 20
21058 Solbiate Olona (VA) Italy

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