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May 11 2023


NRDC-ITA hosted the events with several experts belonging to military and civilian institutions.

Solbiate Olona, May 12, 2023. Today NRDC-ITA concluded the Security Force Assistance (SFA) seminar Security Force Assistance within continuum of competition and the CIMIC Workshop 2023 Resilience and resistance in military operations.

The SFA seminar and CIMIC workshop were organized over three days and involved the participation of a wide variety of subject matter experts belonging to both military and civilian organisations.

After his opening remarks, Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario, the NRDC-ITA Commander, introduced guests and underlined the relevance of the SFA seminar and the CIMIC Workshop to deeply understand the human protection concept and acquire the awareness of the risks and challenges for NATO in military operations.

The SFA seminar focused on the role of SFA within NATO's three main tasks: deterrence and defense, crisis prevention and management, and security cooperation in the current and volatile international situation.

The CIMIC workshop 2023 was an opportunity to improve knowledge and awareness on NATO concepts of resilience and resistance and their potential impact on military operations to complement alliance approach on the protection of civilians.

Among the aspects discussed, a special attention was paid to the need to develop common policies and procedures to deal with possible threats. Furthermore, the importance of sharing experiences to draw useful lessons learnt was also highlighted, with specific reference to the tasks related to Collective Defense, Crisis Management and Security Cooperation.

The events were highly successful and beneficial for both the NRDC-ITA community and the several experts from military and civilian institutions to learn from each other, to share knowledge and solutions to be adopted in Security Force Assistance and CIMIC fields.

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