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Hot Red Fire 02

A Command post exercise, where HQ NRDC-IT operated as a Land Component Commander in a conventional war fighting scenario. It was HQ’s first deployment on the field. Exercise Hot Red Fire '02 was held by HQ's Staff during the period 11-14 June 2002.

It was a Command Post Exercise (CPX) where HQ NRDC-IT operated as Land Component Commander (LCC) in a conventional war fighting scenario and transition to Peace support Opeartion (PSO) in a regional conflict, conducting a non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation (CRO).

The aim of this exercise was to test the following aspects:

  • MAIN CP: functionality, Battle Rhythm and procedures in accordance with TACSOPs/TACSOIs; 
  • All HQ NRDC-IT elements (Essential Augmentees included) in a war-fighting and PSO situation playing 24 hrs/Day; 
  • CHOC: between MAIN and RAS;
  •  Planning procedures focused on FOC scenario. Deployment of:
  •  Signal Brigade Units; 
  • All life support elements in the field.

RSC and EXCON deployed and operated within "Ugo Mara" Barracks. The IT Signal Brigade deployed and activated the Command Posts (CPs) in the area of Turbigo and La Conigliera, providing real life support.

Chiefs/ACOSs were responsible for their functional areas and activated all cells both in MAIN CP and RAS CP, accordingly.


The overall number of participants was about 600 personnel.

TACSOP: Tactical Standard Operational Procedures

TACSOI: Tactical Standard Operational Instructions

CHOC: Change of Command

ACOS: Assistant Chief of Staff


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