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HQ priorities for 2012 were to set the conditions for a successful deployment to Afghanistan while, at the same time, the HQ was to focus on the other key objective to develop the JOINT TASK FORCE HQ capability and establish a JOINT LOGISTIC SUPPORT GROUP HQ Communications Support Element (CSE) by the end of 2014.

After the NRF stand-by period in 2011, the next operational commitment for NRDC-ITA was to deploy to support ISAF HQ and ISAF JOINT COMMAND HQ in 2013. As a matter of fact, ISAF preparation training was 2012 Main Effort. In particular, the NRDC-ITA ISAF Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) was developed in accordance with COM JFC Brunssum “Crawl, Walk, Run” training principle and consisted of three phases:

1. National Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) and Standing HQ led staff training;

2. Mission Rehearsal Training (MRT);

3. In Theatre Training (ITT).

In addition, over the year, the opportunity of training with other NATO HQ and participate in other NATO training was the opportunity to enlarge HQ perspective and contribute to our professional development.

The exchange of personnel with other Services improved capabilities in Joint Operations and the Comprehensive Approach was taken into account.


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