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Jul 18 2003

Mine and Explosive Ordinance Training for the staff of the NRDC Italy

SOLBIATE OLONA (VA), 18 JULY 2003. Last week a team of the Italian Army Engineer School held a three days training session concerning mine and explosive ordnance awareness. The lessons were followed both by the Headquarters international staff and by the Signal Brigade personnel.

As one of the more important lessons learned from the Balkans operations is that the mine risk is always present, it is important that all personnel has to be trained about how to face it.

The training was aimed at providing all the personnel a basic Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance when dealing with hand grenades, mortar shells, artillery shells, cluster bombs, antitank/personnel mines and which procedures to apply in dangerous areas.

Furher more the instructors showed what kind of equipment they use for protection, research, movement, neutralization and finally destruction.

The trainers belong to the Operational Disposal Center based in Rome and achieved a lot of experience operating in Somalia, Mozambique, Balkans, Afghnistan and now in Iraq, but also dealing with all those “old” explosive ordnances left in Italy after World War II.

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