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Apr 19 2005

Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) visits HQ NRDC-IT

SOLBIATE OLONA (VA) 19 Apr 05. This Headquarters has received a visit from Lieutenant General D J Richards CBE DSO, Commander of the Germany-based NATO Corps, which will share with HQ NRDC-IT an 18-month tour of duty in Afghanistan as HQ ISAF.

General Richards’ visit comes as HQ NRDC-IT concludes a major reconnaissance of the theatre and before it launches into its major training exercises for the mission. HQ ARRC is to assist this Headquarters in its preparation by providing expert training personnel for Exercise Eagle Action in May.

The two headquarters have worked in close cooperation over the mission preparation, reflecting the will of the Italian and UK Governments to provide a common and stable focus on the mission to provide assistance and security to the fledgling democracy. HQ NRDC-IT will in turn assist ARRC in its training for its assumption of the Alliance Afghan mission in May 2006.

During his visit, General Richards was briefed about the corps structure, the most important issues identified during the recent visit to ISAF headquarters in Kabul and the future engagements for 2006-2007 with specific reference to mutual training support with ARRC.

General Richards’ comments on the preparation of the Headquarters were most positive and he highlighted the fruitful ISAF joint planning conducted by the two HRF headquarters.

The ISAF mission is conducted under the UN-ratified Bonn Accord, and has been under NATO control since August 2003. The mission directs the provision of support to the Government of Afghanistan to ensure a safe and secure environment within the capital and the surrounding area. 37 countries contribute to the Alliance mission, maintaining a total of 600 staff and 8000 soldiers in the theatre.

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