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Mar 13 2008

NRDC-ITA Hold Operations Seminar

SOLBIATE OLONA (VA), 13 Mar 08. HQ NRDC-ITA concludes its Operations Seminar today.

HQ NRDC-ITA hosted an Operations Seminar at its Solbiate Olona base this week, aimed at bringing HQ staff and affiliated commands and units together for four days of presentations and discussions.

The seminar began on 10 March and throughout the four days participants enjoyed a series of briefings on such issues as planning, deployment, force integration and battle-space management.

Aside from the ability to focus on key issues, the occasion provide an opportunity for attendees, both internal and external, to put names to faces. As Major Steve White of the Operations Coordination Branch says the seminar enabled all those from outside our HQ’s Operations Division to attend and find out a bit more about what we do, as well as meet some of the personnel they will be dealing with.

The event was opened by HQ NRDC-ITA’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Colonel Roberto Perretti, who welcomed all those attending and highlighted the importance of the occasion.

Closing the seminar, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Colonel Anthony Puckett, concluded that the event had been a huge success. He later thanked all his staff for their contributions, and particularly Captain Stefano Miorotti and his Registry team for all their hard work in coordinating the occasion.

Major White believes this will “hopefully be the first of many such seminars, both here and at our affiliated commands and units.

It was an extremely useful exchange of ideas and tools he concludes.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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