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Mar 27 2009

Gen Chiarini visits NRDC-ITA Personel in Afghanistan

SOLBIATE OLONA (VA) 27 MARCH 2009. General Gian Marco Chiarini, Commander of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps in Italy (COM NRDC-ITA) stationed at Ugo Mara barracks in Solbiate Olona (Italy), has just returned from Afghanistan after a week long visit to the NRDC–ITA personnel deployed within the Headquareters of the ISAF mission (International Security Assistance Force) based in Kabul.

In particular, COM NRDC-ITA met:

General Mc Kiernan, Commander of NATO and US Forces in Afghanistan, Gen. J.B. Dutton (Deputy Commander ISAF), Gen. Marco Bertolini (Chief of Staff ISAF), Gen. Michel Stollsteiner (Commander of the Regional Command Capital) and Gen. Paolo Serra (Commander of the Regional Command West), in order to have an exchange views about the technical-military situation and the role of the Alliance in Afghanistan;

The Italian ambassador in Kabul (Claudio Glaentzer), the UE representative (Ettore Sequi) and the civilian NATO representative (Fernando Gentilini), to discuss the local situation and on how the ISAF mission is working to enhance security in the Country.COM NRDC-ITA also met:

NRDC - ITA military contingent deployed in Kabul at the moment. The NATO Command of Solbiate, in fact, since last January provided a consistent part of personnel (both Italian and other NATO nations) to the Head Quarter of ISAF mission, responsible for the management of every NATO operation in Aghanistan;

The Italian led Regional Command West in Herat, commanded by Maj. Gen. Paolo Serra;

The Italian soldiers of the provincial reconstruction team (PRT), which is part of Regional Command West which is concentrating on the rehabilitation of the civil agencies and the reconstruction of general infrastructure.Everyone that met General Chiarini complimented him on the positive contribution that HQ ISAF and the NRDC – ITA personnel have made to the mission in Afghanistan.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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