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May 30 2011


SOLBIATE OLONA (VA), 30th May 2011. Over 30 subject matter experts from NRDC-ITA supported a major British exercise in Sennelager, Germany.

The 34 officers and NCOs from NRDC-ITA deployed for over two weeks to participate in Exercise IRON TRIANGLE 11, the major command post exercise for the UK's 3rd Division. The Exercise involved over 600 soldiers from a variety of NATO nations and was designed to test the 3rd UK Division's Headquarters in a complex warfighting and post-conflict stabilisation scenario.

The team from NRDC-ITA was part of the Exercise Control (EXCON) team and provided the simulated operational environment necessary for the training of 3rd UK Division. In real life NRDC-ITA could be commanding 3rd UK Division as the British unit is affiliated to NRDC-ITA for NATO operations. In the fictional world of the Exercise, a multinational force of over 30.000 soldiers took part in an international mission to liberate the territory of a country invaded by an aggressive neighbour. The ability to undertake operations of this kind is one of NRDC-ITA's principle tasks although recent NRDC-ITA activity has focussed on high-readiness missions in preparation for the NATO Reaction Force (NRF) that NRDC-ITA has been providing from January-June 2011.

Colonel Aldo Mezzalana who commanded the team said: This has been an excellent opportunity to work with our British colleagues from 3rd UK Division in a demanding and complex exercise scenario. Our recent training experiences from our 2010 exercises have been invaluable. The team adapted quickly to the British simulation system and was able to add real value to the training experience as well as learning some useful lessons ourselves. Simulating a war involving over 30,000 soldiers is not easy and the NRDC-ITA team found themselves working on two advanced computer simulation systems whilst simulating events as diverse as major battles to road traffic accidents.

Lt Gen Gian Marco Chiarini, Commander NRDC-ITA, visited the exercise on Monday 23rd May 11 to review the exercise and visit the troops. He said: NRDC-ITA has the capability and experience to meet the demands of this type of scenario either supporting others on exercise or in real life. Our recent training and exercises in preparation for the HRF was easily adapted to meet 3rd UK Div needs.

NRDC-ITA will relinquish the NATO Response Force commitment to NRDC TUR on 1st July 2011 and will deploy to Afghanistan in 2013 as part of ISAF's Intermediate Joint Command.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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