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Jul 16 2014

NRDC-ITA Personnel take part in ex. EAGLE PEAK 14 on the Grand Paradise and Mount Rosa

SOLBIATE Olona (VA), July 16th, 2014 – During the months of June and July, NRDC-ITA personnel took part in Exercise Eagle Peak 14, part of a wide range of progressive training activities outside of the usual functions of NRDC-ITA.

The aim of the Exercise was to train the participants in mountain disciplines to be able to operate safely in an alpine environment, at both individual and team levels.

The multinational staff of the NATO Command followed an initial phase of acclimatization and education before undertaking two successive roped hikes in the Val d'Aosta; that of the Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa.

The participants received valuable coaching and mentoring from instructors of the Army Alpine Training Center in Aosta. NRDC-ITA is made up of personnel from 15 countries, with different formations, traditions and culture; this multiculturalism is an added virtue as opposed to an impediment, a resource that is precious and something to be fully exploited.

Ex Eagle Peak was an opportunity to do just this in a challenging, natural wilderness. It was an opportunity to train together as an expression of unity in an alternative context from the usual one within Ugo Mara barracks. Ex Eagle Peak achieved a strengthening of team spirit and relationships amongst those taking part.

This aspect of cohesion amongst staff members, the building of mutual trust through supporting one another and sharing the experience of physical fatigue is very important at NRDC-ITA.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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