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Jul 3 2014

USA and Slovenia National days Celebrated at NRDC-ITA

SOLBIATE OLONA (VA), JULY 3rd, 2014 - This morning in Ugo Mara barracks, celebrations for the 238th anniversary of the United States of America independence declaration, the 23th anniversary of the independence of Slovenia and the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) took place.

In addition, the American Consul General from Milan, Mr. Kyle Scott gave the NRDC-ITA Commander and General of the Army Corps, Giorgio Battisti, the Legion of Merit, the highest Military decoration that the United States of America can award to staff of friendly and allied countries. The highest ranking US serviceman at the NRDC-ITA, Colonel Brian Foster, greeted and thanked hose in attendance.

After the Italian, American and Slovenian National anthems, he pointed out that the multicultural United States is reflected around the world and that the constant pursuit of innovation and progress represents their very essence. He said that the various people that have helped shape the United States of America over the years have learned to be united, especially when it comes to defending values such as home, friends and allies that they believe in.

He spoke of the message of unity within the national motto: E pluribus unum, which means From many, one Later, Lieutenant Colonel Alec Maric, Slovenian Army, recalled the events that led Slovenia's declaration of independence and the subsequent conflict with the Yugoslav Federation.

He spoke of the various international accords that now allow Slovenia to play its important role, both the EU and NATO, as an independent nation. General Battisti was then presented the Legion of Merit by the Consul General, a decoration awarded by the President of the United States of America for exceptional conduct during his service at the Headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan as Chief of Staff in 2013.

The Consul General then recalled how the principles of liberty and the pursuit of happiness are common between heir nations, and said he was honoured to celebrate this important event among those that protect these ideals daily.

General Battisti thanked the two Nations for this celebration, and underlined that the NRDC-ITA is a large family composed of 15 nations, but with common cultural roots. He stressed that the United States and Slovenia provide an important contribution to professionalism, commitment and dedication to the NRDC Headquarters.

As Officer coming from the Alpine troops, General Battisti revealed that he feels a particular bond with Slovenia, which contributes with Hungary and the Julia Alpine Brigade to the establishment of the Multinational Land Force.

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