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Sep 24 2014

Women and Army: Values and Fulfilment in the ARMED Force

SOLBIATE OLONA, SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 -The admission of female personnel in the Armed Forces was an event considered, in the common consciousness, to be one of a conquest by women into a society with strong masculine connotations. That is, until yesterday.

The women taking up this new career option, the motivation behind their decisions, the opportunities available in the Armed Forces and the problems associated with it, were all the subject of debate last night, Tuesday, September 23, at the Teuliè military school in Milan.

The historic halls of the school provided the perfect backdrop for the debate on the theme Women and the Army - Values and realization in the Armed Forces.

The event represented a moment of reflection on the themes of women in uniform, as a social reality in Italy and abr oad. The initiative is part of the project Il Tempo delle Donne, organized by Fondazione Corriere della Sera in collaboration with La Libreria Militare in Milan, represented by its owner, Dr. Angelo Pirocchi.

The meeting was moderated by the military and historical writer Dr. Federica Saini Fasanotti, who has often collaborated with the Italian Army and the command of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Italy (NRDC-ITA) in Solbiate Olona.

The debate, of course, was centered around topics for women and female perspectives on issues, and each participant brought their own experiences and opinions.

Participants were Captain Silvia Guberti, commander of a battery of artillery regiment of the brigade terrestrial Taurinense (based in Fossano)

Lieutenant Federica Zannino, platoon commander of the 1st regiment transmissions (based in Milan)

Lieutenant Ramona De Nigris, platoon commander of the Military School students Teuliè (based in Milan)

Lieutenant Federica Baccanelli, medical officer of the regiment support of NRDC-ITA (based in Solbiate Olona)

1st corporal Valeria Di Schiavi Iorio, who has participated in Operation Safe Streets in Lampedusa and is effective at the 1st regiment transmissions (in Milan)

Corporal greater head Simona Di Silvestro, used in 2005-2006 as the military escort of the general corps Mauro Del Vecchio when he was commander of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, and effective support to the regiment of NRDC-ITA (in Solbiate Olona)

Corporal Sara Chosen Crivellari, the department supports the brigade tactical Taurinense (based in Turin)

1st Corporal Teresa Santoro, of the 3rd Alpini Regiment (based in Pinerolo)

1st corporal Michael Rubini, Nice Cavalry Regiment (based in Bellinzago Novarese) and, finally, the student Jade Conconi, Military School Teuliè.

During the debate matters such as the process of integration of women in the military and the difficulties of adapting to the dual role of the military and mother were examined. It was highlighted that women have successfully fulfilled some delicate international missions. Last but not least, a discussion took place concerning the establishment of effective unions between colleagues in the workplace.

The commander of the Lombardy Army command, Brigadier General Antonio Pennino was also present and he recalled how, even for the male component, there has been a need to adapt to the new social reality of women in uniform. He highlighted thast women have enriched the institutions by bringing their mental organization within the Armed Forces. Citing Minister Pinotti, Gen. Pennino concluded:

Women have found a career with no gender difference

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