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Jun 27 2015


SOLBIATE OLONA (VA), June 27, 2015. Today at Ugo Mara barracks in Solbiate Olona (VA), NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy held their twelfth International Day. The charity event was an opportunity for fun and socializing, with families as the main focus. During the event, the cohesive spirit of the cultures of the 12 different nations that make up NRDC-ITA were strengthened, as well as the celebration enhancing the synergy between the NRCD-ITA command and local institutions, associations and organizations. The day began with a welcome from the NRDC-ITA Commander, Lieutenant General Riccardo Marchiò, during which he expressed his sympathy for the victims of yesterday's terroristic attacks of in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. Then he thanked all military personnel in NRDC-ITA for the solid and important contribution to the training path that concluded in April with the validation of NRDC-ITA as an Operational Command (Joint Task Force) Headquarters. During his welcome speech the commander gave a heartfelt thanks to the local authorities, associations and organizations that attended the event for their support, partnership and collaboration. He reminded everyone of the importance of such mutual support in the community of Solbiate Olona. Following the commander’s speech, there followed a series of demonstrations, each having a big impact. These were a spectacular airdrop of paratroopers, the salvo of the 75/27 caliber artillery piece of the Milan Horse Artillery Regiment”, the motorcycle parade and historians from the “Veicolil club of Oltrona San Mamette (CO)@ , the band "La Baldoria" from Busto Arsizio, the fanfare of the Bersaglieri and the flag bearers of Legnano, the Hungarian Folk Dance group “Bihari Jànos”, the school of latin-american dance "Perfecta Combinaciòn", the quartet “Quadrophonia Wind Quartet” and the final concert provided by the band “Acustica”.

The day also had a social value: the NATO Women's International Club ( NIWIC ) has organized a day of charity , the proceeds will be destined to the Association “Bianca Garavaglia”, which for years he has been engaged in helping and financing the research on infantile tumors. Lieutenant General Riccardo Marchiò stressed that the importance of charity as an "expression of global solidarity", and the critical role it plays in alleviating humanitarian crises and human suffering. Charity not only helps to improve the conditions of the less privileged, but also strengthens social ties, creating a more solid and inclusive society. Charity therefore benefits both donors and recipients. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of NIWIC, it was possible to allocate aid to the less fortunate and needy. The presence of numerous guests to the event showed the affection and shared values ​​of the multinational community at NRDC-ITA. It has also reinforced the sense of belonging and integration with the area, and International Day proved once again a huge success, highlighting the social collaboration between extraordinarily inspiring military families and Italian allies.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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