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Mar 3 2015

Training Conference

The Training Conference 2015-1 was held from 03 to 05 March 2015, hosted by NRDC-ITA HQ, in Solbiate Olona (VA), Italy.

The event has been very succesfully in bringing together the NATO Land Training and Exercise Community for a series of necessary and fruitful discussions.

The partecipation of all the Graduated Readiness Force- Land (GRF-L) Corps and the vast majority of NATO Command Structure (NCS) elements ensured the broadest dissemination of information ans action items throughout the audience.

The overall aim of the activity was to solidify the requirements for training and exercises "mutual support" in 2016/17 and provide forecasts for 2018/19.

It also been a venue to discuss and exchange on key issues related to the training environmentand the necessity to adopt a better supporting mechanism to prepare the GRF-L HQs to assume their new Joint Task Force ( JTF) role.

In addition to the aforementioned participants, several Consultancy Companies attended the Conference conducting a round table to provide an overview about their possible involvment in training and exercises in support of the NCS and especially, the NATO Force Structure.

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