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Aug 31 2017

A step forward to LCC

Solbiate Olona (VA), 31st August 2017 - The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy hosted the Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) of Exercise “Brilliant Ledger 2017”. This exercise is one of the main efforts to face the NATO certification as Land Component Command (LCC) for the international staff and the subordinate Units of the HQ.

The MRE allows participants from the combat elements, Land, Air and Maritime, to become familiar with the “visual” demonstration of the manoeuvre. In consideration of the complexity of coordinating all 3 dimensions of the battlefield, during MRE the staff simulate the conduct of the entire operational plan, thus avoiding, among other things, also the risk of “blue on blue” chance and improving security of troops on the field.

All the activities NRDC-ITA and its subordinate units are carrying out up to October are focused on the NATO certification as Land Component Command (LCC) of the NATO Response Force (NRF). The LCC is responsible for conducting and synchronizing Land Operations in case of NRF activation. The NRF is a military force capable of immediate collective defence response, of conducting crisis management and peace support operations as well as disaster relief and protection of critical infrastructures.

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