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May 30 2017

Extraordinary Plenary Conference at NRDC-ITA

Solbiate Olona (VA), 30th May 2017 - Today the NRDC-ITA Extraordinary Plenary Conference took place at “Ugo Mara” barracks.

The event, chaired by NRDC-Italy DCOS Support, Brigadier General (ITA-A) Luca FONTANA, has seen the participation of qualified representatives from the Italian Defence and Italian Army General Staff, as well as Senior National Representatives of the Troup Contributing Nations to the HQs.

During the meeting, future commitments, challenges and training issues have been presented and discussed and compared to manning, structure and establishment of the HQ. The current structure and functions of the HQ have so been “fine-tuned”, in line with doctrinal evolution, lessons learned and the functional review.

This edition of the event takes place at the end of a second consecutive year of stand-by period as Joint Task Force HQ (JTFHQ) while the HQ is transforming again to get ready for assuming – starting from January 2018 - the role of enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF) Land Component Command (LCC) HQ.

All NATO nations have been invited to participate in the conference and this year, in addition to representatives from the 13 contributing nations of the NRDC-Italy, two more nations have participated in the Plenary Conference: Republic of Latvia and Romania.

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