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Nov 4 2017

Italian National Unity and Armed Forces Day

On November 4th, Italy celebrates its National Unity and Armed Forces Day. In the anniversary of the victory of WWI, the country remembers the culmination of the process of Independency finally completed with the annexation of the cities of Trento and Trieste and pays honour to the fallen.

At the “Ugo MARA” Barracks, as well as in the rest of the Country, took place the celebration of “National Unity and Armed Forces Day”. The commemoration started on November 3rd when personnel from the NRDC-ITA and its subordinate units organized an open-day for families and citizens who could visit the military base.

This day started with the raising flag ceremony, in the presence of mayors of surroundings municipalities, of military personnel and representatives from Ex- Combatants Associations, with an exposition of military equipment, vehicles and weapons, and a MCM (Metodo di Combattimento Militare) demonstration, a mix martial art techniques especially developed to be used in the need of self-defence while wearing heavy military equipment.

On the 4th November, representatives of servicemen and women took place in the celebration in the surrounding municipalities of Olgiate Olona and Cassano Magnago, as well as done all over Italy major cities, where the sacrifice made by those who fought and died during the 1st World War has been remembered and honoured. On Sunday the 5th, the municipality of Solbiate Olona has awarded the NRDC-ITA Support Brigade and two Officers, the “citizenship of merit”.

Those events were part of many initiatives organized all over the country by the Italian Ministry of Defense to celebrate November 4th, and provided with an opportunity for dialogue and better knowledge of the military presence making the military base closer to the local communities, thus promoting a sentiment of unity among institutions, communities and the Armed Forces.

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