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Feb 8 2018

NIWIC donation to Tincontro and "F. Del Ponte" hospital

Solbiate Olona(VA), 7th February 2018 - Today, the hand-over of a piece of medical equipment (the IntelliVue TcG10), from NIWIC to the Tincontro non profit association and the the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of “Filippo Del Ponte” Hospital in Varese, took place at "Ugo Mara" barracks. This modern and effective medical instrument is a transcutaneous gas monitor by Philips healthcare. It provides measurement through the skin of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the capillary blood so avoiding traditional and invasive blood sampling.

The equipment will be of great help to local communities and young fragile patients of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The donation was made possible due to the benevolence of many and the full commitment of NIWIC, which organized last Christmas’ successful fund raising Charity Bazaar together with the Moral and Welfare Agency of the headquarters.

As NIWIC president, Lady Lucy Smyth-Osbourne thanked those who made this possible and Philips healthcare Italy for supplying all the equipment. Lieutenant General Roberto PERRETTI, NRDC-ITA Commander, reminded everyone of the importance of a high-value asset like the NIWIC maintaining an effective relationship with local communities.

Prof. Massimo AGOSTI, Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), thanked NIWIC and Tincontro for the initiative, explaining that the equipment will provide valuable help and remarked how important it is for the small patients of his Unit that measurements can be taken without invasive procedures.

The NIWIC is a recognised voluntary membership association for spouses or partners within the NRDC-ITA and Tincontro is a non-profit association active since 2009 in support of parents and small patients of “Filippo Del Ponte” Hospital in Varese.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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