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Jul 4 2018

NRDC-ITA at the Institute of Maritime Military Studies

NRDC-ITA: The Army's contribution to the education of the Navy Officers.

Venice, 4 July 2018 - Major General Maurizio RICCÒ, Chief of Staff of the NRDC-ITA (NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy), delivered a presentation at the Institute of Maritime Military Studies, in Venice, on the subject of operational planning to the latest class of Officers from the Italian Navy Staff Course.

The presentation was as a result of an invitation by Rear Admiral Andrea ROMANI, Commander of the Institute of Maritime Military Studies and the Navy Military Presidium of Venice. He has assessed a need to provide future Naval Staff Officers, with the ability to identify, understand and analyse the geo-political changes currently ongoing in the world and be able to plan within different crisis scenarios that could possibly occur.

NRDC-ITA has a strong tradition in the planning skills required due to years of multinational NATO Operations and Exercises. This coupled with the fact that the Headquarters is a Joint Headquarters, with members of the other armed forces serving alongside army personnel, make NRDC-ITA Hq ideally placed to deliver such training, now and in the future.

General Riccò underlined the future roles of the Officers within Joint and Multinational staffs as being “of complex architecture, but essential”.

In order to add depth to the Headquarters’ analysis and planning, the NRDC-ITA has built relationships and links outside of the military, especially within academia. In this spirit, under the leadership of General RICCÒ, cooperation agreements have recently been signed with some important university training institutes including the "Sacro Cuore" at the University of Milan, the "L'Orientale" University of Naples and the University of Parma.

Preventing and mitigating threats to international security represents for NRDC-ITA a vocation. The NRDC-ITA Hq is an example of a Joint Command capable of operating the full spectrum of military operations, whether they are National, NATO-led or European Union-led.

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