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Jul 4 2018

NRDC-ITA shares NRF experience with the 1st German Nederland Corps

3 rd July 18. Component Command (LCC) of for the NRF18, by achieving the highest score possible.  This training pipeline was made up of multiple planning and operational , together with different training and operational activities over many months, and as a result  conducted during last months, let the NRDC-ITA to developed a solidimportant changes in terms of procedures, organisation and products collecting a lot of lessons identified and experiences.

In Jan 19 Next January the 1GNC will take on the NRF role from replace the NRDC-ITA, providing a ensuring seamless NATO capability  continuity in monitoring and assessing worldwide security threats to the Alliance. Of note, the NRDC-ITA reported detailed its specific NRF preparation and stand-by period milestones, focusing primarily on policies, best practices, processes and technology. In addition, some solutions have beenwere proposed to the challenges of interoperability and agile deployment, all well-recogniszed capabilities at NATO and Italian Defence disposal.

The NRF preparation and stand-by period have represented a challenging and yet rewarding period for NRDC-ITA. With careful planning, multiple training exercises and numerous well attended learning conferences, the headquarters has risen to the challenge of It has tackled them with a great degree of care through multiple discrete exercises and conferences dedicated to the challenges posed by the mmultinational interoperability. By sharing this experience with the 1GNC the Headquarters Once again, NRDC-ITA hhas developed relationships for future partnerships and promoted its mature operational capabilities of adaptation and innovation through this seminar. In doing so, it has ensured its ongoing ability to cope with threats and security challenges in this ever changing world.

The seminar was hosted by the Chief of Staff of the NRDC-ITA, Major General Maurizio RICCÒ, who conveyed his pleasure at being able to pass on the experience gained by the headquarters.  In a similar fashion the The 1GNC Chief of Staff of 1GNC, Brigadier de GenGeneral. Dieter MEYERHOFF, expressed his high degree of satisfaction after for the fruitful opportunity offered to his Staff, and thanked Maj Gen RICCÒ and all NRDC-ITA representatives for their professionalism and strong commitment demonstrated during the activity.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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