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Oct 14 2019

NRDC-ITA concluded the Battle Staff Training for upcoming Exercise Eagle Meteor

Milan, 10 Oct  2019. From 7 to 10 October, as part of essential preparations for the upcoming Exercise Eagle Meteor (EAME 19), over 200 military personnel from across the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy affiliated and subordinate units attended Battle Staff Training (BST) at Ugo Mara Barracks.

This round of BST, which was the reiteration of the activity conducted a few days ago, provided the opportunity for essential augmentees, liaison officers and enablers to fine-tune tactics, techniques and procedures to prepare for the execution phase of the keystone exercise that starts next and occurs in multiple locations in Italy.

EAME 19 is the main exercise of 2019 that will complete the NRDC-ITA process of realignment into warfighting Corps headquarters, a path the HQ had started last January after one year in the role of NATO Reaction Force Land Component Command. Using a NATO Article 5 scenario, NRDC-ITA will train and exercise to synchronize and conduct a collective defense operation, primarily involving high intensity modern warfare and the use of military capabilities in contemporary situations.

These efforts are essential to confirm  the Corps HQ capabilities  in managing crisis situations, restoring security and stability, and responding to short notice operations. The four-day activity, mainly focused on training the Staff to familiarize with the execution procedures at tactical level, represents another milestone that reaffirms the NRDC-ITA role as a training hub for NATO and Italian units.

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