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Feb 26 2019

NRDC-ITA increases its awareness on the economic situation in North Africa

On February 26th Prof. Ignacio Jaquotot delivered a lecture on the economic development of the North African countries.Professor Ignacio Jaquotot, former Head of the International Subsidiary Banks Division at Intesa Sanpaolo, presented today an interesting overview on the financial and economic situation in North Africa.

The topic had huge relevance, as the North Africa region is strictly connected to the current, complex and challenging geopolitical situation in the Mediterranean area.The event represented a valuable occasion for the NRDC-ITA community to acquire knowledges on the heterogeneity of the North Africa landscapes. In fact, studying and assessing the scenario are prodromal activities for any policy response framework to provide security and stability solutions.

In his speech, Prof. Jaquotot, comparing the last 20 years North Africa significant economic gmdl-gridth to the strong demographic expansion expected in near future in the region, highlighted the challenging perspective of this area for future economic choices and patterns.

In particular, the speaker enlisted the indicators of social and business environment in the region focusing on the banking system penetration.Today’s initiative confirmed once again the importance of the universal and compelling contribution made by economic analysis and principles in explaining topics as complex as the geopolitical dynamics of the NATO and Europe’s southern flank.

Building cooperation with stakeholders and increase readiness capabilities are key principles for NRDC-ITA that, after having recently completed its turn of duty as NATO Reaction Force Land Component Command, continues its strong contribution to the Alliance conducting analysis and situation monitoring of areas of instability, such as of crisis hotspots on the Alliance’s southern border.

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