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Sep 19 2019

NRDC-ITA provides Joint Targeting System training

From 9 to 13 September, the NATO Joint Targeting System (JTS) training has been conducted at Ugo Mara Barracks, home of NRDC-ITA.

The term ‘Targeting’ refers to a military activity focused on the optimized delivery of specific effects to create and synchronize specific actions – both lethal and non-lethal – to achieve military objectives and attain the desired end state.

The contemporary operating environment has demonstrated that NATO forces have to be prepared to conduct a wide range of activities, often simultaneously, within a single operation. NATO forces must therefore be able to coordinate and employ all capabilities against a range of actors, as part of NATO’s contribution to a comprehensive approach, in a variety of threat environments.

In this light, NRDC-ITA is well aware of the importance of planning and operating with a full spectrum approach, blending a variety of capabilities to generate a range of lethal and non-lethal effects.

The five-day activity was aimed at training the 15 targeteers coming from the NRDC-ITA subordinated and affiliated units to manage the Joint Targeting Process through the bespoke NATO functional area system – the JTS – and to be aware of all the processes and operational functions of the system.

In addition, this activity prepared the targeteers to be ready to conduct the Exercise EAGLE METEOR, the keystone exercise of the year that will complete the NRDC-ITA process of realignment into warfighting Corps headquarters, a path the HQ had started last January after one year in the role of NATO Reaction Force Land Component Command.

Training activities such as the JTS training are all aimed at ensuring NRDC-ITA continues to be at the forefront of operational capability and to reaffirm its role as a training hub for NATO as well as Italian units.

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