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Oct 2 2019

NRDC-ITA trains its key leaders for upcoming Exercise Eagle Meteor

From 25 to 26 September, as part of essential preparations for the upcoming Exercise Eagle Meteor, over 70 military leaders from across the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy, affiliated, and subordinate units attended Key Leader Training (KLT) at Ugo Mara Barracks.

The two day training focused on the decision making process and Leadership. The activities allowed informative discussions, facilitated by Senior Mentor, Lieutenant General (ret.) Di Marco, to take place between the NRDC-ITA Commander, Lieutenant General Perretti, his command element, and key staff Officers. Representatives from units involved in next month’s major exercise Eagle Meteor 19 were also involved.

Eagle Meteor 19 is the main exercise of the year for NRDC-ITA and will complete the HQ’s process of realignment to a warfighting Corps headquarters, a path the HQ started last January after a year in the role of NATO Reaction Force Land Component Command.

In addition, this keystone exercise will also be the final validation of the new Light Command Post, a concept developed by NRDC-ITA in order to remain flexible and agile on the 21st century battlefield.

The first day of KLT focused on the analysis of the operational problems that will trigger the decision making process and on the study of the unexpected courses of actions the adversaries may take.

During the second day, with the aim of increasing awareness for military planners, Lieutenant General (ret.) Chiarini, former NRDC-ITA Commander and Italian Military Representative to the Military Committees of NATO and the EU, delivered a presentation titled “Leadership and key tenets of warfighting operations. The road to victory”.

Training activities such as the KLT are aimed at ensuring NRDC-ITA continues to be at the forefront of operational capability, maintaining constant vigilance of potential threats to the Alliance. In doing so, NRDC-ITA remains credible and reinforces the core NATO aim of deterrence and collective defence.

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